Testimony of SS Brar
Banmali Agrawala

President, Tata Sons Private Limited

I have known Sapna Narang and Capital League for over ten years now...

Testimony of SS Brar
SS Brar

Retd. Pilot, AI

When I retired prematurely from a very remunerative job in 2004,after slogging it out for...

Testimony of Shashi Singh
Shashi Singh

MD, AVL India

Capital league has been managing our portfolio for about 15 years. We have been extremely...

Testimony of Sarbvir Singh
Sarbvir Singh

CEO, Policybazaar

Jyoti from Capital league has demonstrated a great degree of professionalism, integrity...

Testimony of Suman Mahajan
Suman Mahajan

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

I am an entrepreneur; started our manufacturing and exporting leather outerwear for Europe...

Testimony of Anup Khosla
Anup Khosla

Board Member- OXFAM India, Ex CFO HelpAge India

Capital League lead by Sapna Narang has been our financial advisors since 2007. We have found them...

Testimony of Jyoti Rai
Jyoti Rai

Numismatist, Author, Jewellery designer

My experience of working with the Capital League team has been a satisfying one. They do...

Testimony of Prabeen Singh
Prabeen Singh

Author and Development Consultant

"When i sold my flat, having done my basic maths of rental versus monthly income from investments...

Testimony of Sarita Saraf
Sarita Saraf

Artist, Author of books in Monograph Series

I would like to thank Rajul and the Capital League team for all the assistance that you have...

Testimony of Jagdish Anand
Commodore Jagdish Anand

I.N. Retd, Veteran, Defence Consultant

Our relationship with Capital League(CL) and CL Partner, Vinita Idnani, is now close to a decade...

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