Testimony of Prabeen Singh

Prabeen Singh

Author and Development Consultant

"When i sold my flat, having done my basic maths of rental versus monthly income from investments, i started interviewing different wealth management agencies. The experience left me more confused and insecure as most of them seem to be pushing me toward an investment portfolio with a ' hidden agenda'. Till i was introduced by a friend to Capital League. My first meeting with them was positive, as instantly, they made me feel secure. Asking me what my monthly needs were and then worked with me, explaining at every stage why and how of their recommendations. I have never looked back at what else i could have done.The ethos of Capital League makes me confident that at every stage they stand rock solid. Protecting not only my finances but also my overall welfare. It is one of their principle goals and very often they step beyond the immediate brief to help to make my life more comfortable. I thank my lucky stars to be associated with them and in particular Jyoti Makhijani. "

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