Testimony of Jagdish Anand

Commodore Jagdish Anand

I.N. Retd, Veteran, Defence Consultant

Our relationship with Capital League(CL) and CL Partner, Vinita Idnani, is now close to a decade and a half. With no hesitation in our minds, Ameeta and I consider ourselves fortunate to have been introduced to the Company, and particularly Vinita and her team of highly motivated and experienced girls! They have guided us astutely and planned our financial investments with the same involvement and diligence as if these were their own investments. They merit and deserve every reward and recognition that has come their way.
When we look back at the very modest investments we started with, and questioned ourselves regarding the need for advisory on investments, I am glad that I listened to my wife and persevered with them. We would particularly like to recognise their regular monthly statements, periodic one-to-one interactions, joint reviews and need-based management of our finances. Their personalised attention, readiness to respond, explain and comfort during turbulent markets is praiseworthy.
We feel secure that our funds are managed by such a fine and professional team!
Commodore Jagdish and Mrs Ameeta Anand

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